Hi everyone ,

So today is the last blog post featuring Anti Acne gel from indrani cosmetics. Anti acne gels are my best friends forever as acne keep on coming again and again and i need something in my vanity to get rid of these acne . So i tried and finished this gel and here are my views about this.



The gel comes in a plastic tub form and is qyite travel friendly. The screw cap perfectly fits and does not leak out the product.

The tub has all information about the ingredients and ,manufacturing date , price and how to use it.

PRICE : 50gms for INR290


MY EXPERIENCE: This gel is super affordable and works beautifully on my skin. It is specially curated for oily skin with active acne. To calm down the inflammation causes by active acne , it works best. It gets absorbed into the skin very quickly as the texture is gel consistency. The gel is super lightweight,  hydrating and easily absorbs into the skin. You don’t have to struggle with massaging this gel. This gel will give you results if used regularly and religiously. Only one tub is not sufficient to heal those pesky pimples. It has fragrance in it so sensitive skin may keep themselves at bay. I don’t have a problem with fragrance so i love uaing it in my morning routine.


Hope this review helps .

Super affordable gel and is good for beginners  with acne.

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