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Today I’ll be talking about a very simple yet effective product on my blog. Its veg peel

Let’s understand what is a veg peel. To know more read about amazing veg peel from indrani cosmetics.

Indrani cosmetics is a 25 year old legacy continuing providing spa and premium beauty experience to all. Through years of research the brand has developed world acclaimed products in skincare , haircare, body care and hygiene line . Simple yet elegant is the philosophy behind the products. BeautyPlus_20200704135109724_save


To my understanding a veg peel is a powder form of different combined pulses which are known  for beauty benefits . When this powder is activated with water/toner/curd/rose water etc. It helps impart a radiant glow to the skin.


The product comes in a plastic tub filled up to the brim . It has all details mentioned on the tub like manufacturing date , MRP , ingredients list , benefits , how to use . Simple fussfree packaging . It is a mixture of major dal , toor dal , moong dal , yeast , sodium methyl paraben ,rice flour , sodium propyle paraben.

The texture of the peel powder is little gritty as it’s an exfoliator. It gets activated with water or rose water or curd or toner. I like to mix it with one egg white and you just dont know what wonder it does to my skin. 20200709_170105


I’ve used veg peel before also so I mixed it with one egg white and applied the mixture on my cleansed face. I kept it for 20 minutes and after that started rubbing gently with a little water on my palms . As the veg peel acts as an exfoliator,  it gently removes all dead cells , cleanses pores deeply and tightens them . It imparts an indigenous glow , radiance to my skin which not even comes by facial. For some reason I have stopped using scrubs and I use veg peels instead . I have got this done at salon’s and understood why visiting a salon gives in numerous glow to the skin. This is the reason. Before at home facial try veg peel and thank me later.It peels the blackheads and Whiteheads from my nose and here and there and my skin is squiky clean. I have also noticed reduction  in my tan by using it every week . It has reduced scars , blemishes , acne spots from my face and given a healthy glow . As a natural exfoliator its effective on all skin  types but it’s basically mentioned specifically for oily skin. Other skin types can do a patch test and do try this amazing product . Yes I see some parabens  in this but we need to understand that all parabens are not bad. It helps the longevity of the product as products without preservatives tend to get moulds very soon. 20200709_170049


Yes yes yes I highly recommend it to all oily skin beauties and other after doing a patch test. This is an amazing exfoliator.

4.5 /5

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